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In one of my FaceBook groups we were given a challenge: randomly place 33 dots (one for each year of Jesus’ life) on a paper then join the dots without lifting the pencil. Now it’s time to figure out what we see in that outline, color it and add to the design if necessary then tell what the Lord was speaking to us through the picture.

This was the first time I had taken this challenge and I did two outlines. It took a while to figure out what I could make of it, but here are my outlines and my finished pictures. Let me know what you think.


With the first one, I thought of how beautiful a butterfly is once it changes from the caterpillar and comes out of its cocoon. And how lovely it is as it quietly moves from flower to flower doing what it was created to do. We are like that butterfly. We need to come out of our cocoons and learn to fly in the Spirit realm. We need to quietly learn to do what we have been individually created to do. And what you have to do is not necessarily, other than in a general way, the same as what I have to do. We are beautiful in God’s eyes and need to learn to see one another through His eyes. You are beautiful.

I was reminded of an old chorus we used to sing in church decades ago. I have not heard it for years, so perhaps you have never heard it at all. But here are the words.

I hope you enjoy this rendition of the chorus. I was not aware until I listened to this that there are more verses to it.

The second one I had to turn around and look at it from every angle before I could see what it should be. And what message did I receive from the Lord? I saw that a dog trusts its master completely and knows that if he begs for treats or attention, he will receive. This dog is all dressed up in a new scarf. He looks good. We need to come to the Lord with the same trust in our Master. We need to present ourselves clean and give Him our best, not physically speaking, but we need to confess our sins and repent and then to give Him our best attention in our spirits, expecting Him to give to us exactly what we need. He is a faithful Master and He loves you and me more than we will ever fathom.

I hope you have enjoyed this little experiment in a 33 dot challenge. If you are at all artistic, maybe you would like to try the challenge too. Let me know if you do and how it turned out.

Thank you for stopping by. I apologize for not posting sooner, but I was trying to get caught up on projects I had started before my computer quit working last fall. I am getting there. I hope you will leave a comment in the box below before you leave. And please share this post on your social media and with your friends. God bless you and give you a wonderful weekend.



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  1. I love you Artwork. You have such a God given talent. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.
    I love this project.
    God Bless You.

    • Thank you so much, Nancy. This was a new challenge for me and I found it interesting. I have done one more that I may post sometime and think I will try more. God bless.

  2. Sounds like a fun project that would draw one closer to Him. I am not artistic, more musical so could try something like that with music.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Betty. Yes, it was a fun project which I will probably repeat from time to time. I am also musical. I’m wondering if you just randomly name notes on a piece of paper then join them by linking them on staff paper to create a short piece of music. Maybe you could add words. Not sure if that would work well, but as in the art form you can add other things once you have your main picture, so you could add notes and work out the value of the notes and the timing as you go. I might even try something like that. I have written quite a bit of music over the years and it might be fun.

  3. What a wonderful, creative, discovery-process! Your drawings are lovely; the meaning you derived from them very insightful. May have to try this myself, but must admit I’m a bit intimidated by your success! (I’d put a smiley face here but they turn into squares these days!!)

    • Thank you so much Nancy. I’m glad you took time to stop by. Don’t be too overwhelmed by my success. I did 2 more of the dot pictures a few weeks ago and still can’t see anything much in them, so they remain a series of connected dots only. Give it a try. It can be fun. Square smiley faces? That’s unique! God bless.

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