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Well, I have once again overcome some technical problems. I have had a web cam for a few years, but somewhere along the line it stopped working properly, and I simply gave up on it.

Recently I decided I would like to make a video of me reading parts of my novel Look for the Rainbows: A Journey of Spirit and Heart. But how to accomplish it? Windows 10 has a video maker, so I decided to try that out. It didn’t really do what I wanted, so I was back to square one.

Then I bought a new printer. I couldn’t get it to install. After going back to the store to talk to the tech guy (I couldn’t get through on the phone), he told me I needed to download drivers. Back home, I downloaded the drivers. Voila! The printer printed. Except it won’t print from the computer because it says it is not connected to the computer. But that’s another story and it’s still not solved.

But it did give me the idea that perhaps my web cam needed drivers, too, as I do have a new computer. Another Google search followed, but another problem surfaced. I needed a model number. No model number is to be found on the camera. Nowhere. I couldn’t find an instruction booklet either. So back to Google to search images to see if I could find one that looked like mine. I did, so searched again for that name. Lo and behold, that model had a string of different numbers to go with the name. So, which one do I have?

Back to the search engine. Finally I downloaded what I thought was the most probable driver. I tested the camera yesterday for the first time, and it actually worked! Phew! Another hurdle now behind me.

So, what is this new video? Actually I did two videos. One is of me reading the first chapter of Look for the Rainbows: A Journey of Spirit and Heart. I will post this below. The second one I will put in a new post.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Please put your comments in the box below and let me know what you think about it. I am sure I will get better at the process as I do more videos. I hope you will check out the book on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. It is available in other parts of the world too. Check in your area if you are not from Canada or the USA. This would be an ideal gift for those on your gift list who love to read Christian-based fiction.

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