Oct 11, 2019 by

  A couple of weeks ago I took my friend to the Ilderton Fall Fair. It had been several years since I last went, and my friend had never been, so it was a fun time, though it was a lot of walking when my hip/back was kicking up a fuss. I had to use my cane to make sure I made it all around the exhibits. But it was worth it. Country fairs are interesting because of all of the produce and craft competitions. I saw soybeans on their stalks for the first time. I had no idea the pods were hairy. Some of the produce was huge, such as the pumpkins and zucchini squash. It was great to see the creativity in the children’s crafts and the talents in the adult knitting,...

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Sep 4, 2019 by

Welcome to my new blog. I feel like celebrating this accomplishment. It has taken longer than I expected because I had a lot of interruptions such as publishing some books and experiencing some technical problems. Problems, that is, to me, but not to those who understand the technology. But I’m finally launching it. By the way, I am Diane Stephenson. I am retired from many years of working in graphic arts followed by a couple of decades running my own home-based business, and am now a published author with still more books to bring to the publishing stage. I appreciate your interest. Thank you for taking time to stop by for a visit. Please feel free to browse my pages and watch for new posts from time to time. Check out my book pages...

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