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A couple of weeks ago I took my friend to the Ilderton Fall Fair. It had been several years since I last went, and my friend had never been, so it was a fun time, though it was a lot of walking when my hip/back was kicking up a fuss. I had to use my cane to make sure I made it all around the exhibits. But it was worth it.

Country fairs are interesting because of all of the produce and craft competitions. I saw soybeans on their stalks for the first time. I had no idea the pods were hairy. Some of the produce was huge, such as the pumpkins and zucchini squash. It was great to see the creativity in the children’s crafts and the talents in the adult knitting, quilting and sewing projects. A lot of work goes into producing this beautiful work to enter into the competition. There are many very talented people in this world, and it was lovely to be able to see such a great display. Here are some of the photos I took.

There were some fun displays with scarecrows and decorated pumpkins.

There were some beautiful horses on the grounds though we didn’t see any of the shows in the agricultural building.

The most interesting, or should I say fascinating, part of the afternoon was the demonstration with the birds of prey. It is quite something to have a bald eagle right in front of you, or a hawk flying over you within inches of your head. Here are some of the shots I took. If you want to learn more about these and other birds of prey, go to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy web site to see where these birds come from.

Above is the Great Horned Owl


Eastern Screech Owl

And last, but by no means least, the beautiful and majestic Bald Eagle.


There were many booths there where you could buy anything from Watkins products to fudge to windows to hand-knitted hats, jewelry and many other items. The arena was filled with so much to see. I didn’t think to take any photos in that building, but I think the photos I have posted are the most interesting.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the Ilderton Fair. I know we enjoyed seeing it in person. Years ago I used to have a booth at this fair and it was always fun to meet other vendors and all the people visiting. And making money too, of course.

I hope you will forgive the unfinished look to my new web site as it isn’t quite finished yet. But I wanted to start publishing posts here, though my other blog, successbmine, will stay in place.

I want to thank you for taking time to stop by to read my post and check out my photos. Please leave a comment before you go. I love it when you share your thoughts with me. Until I can get a few things sorted out on this site, I will probably start new posts on my other site and redirect you here. Thank you for your patience. Have a wonderful day and, if you are in Canada, a great Thanksgiving weekend. God bless.



  1. You are an amazing photographer. Those shots are terrific – especially the bald eagle.
    Great post,

    • Thank you Jan. It was quite a challenge at times to get those photos because she was moving back and forward quickly so all of the audience could see the birds. Some are a little blurry. But the bald eagle was quite cooperative.
      God bless. And Happy Thanksgiving.

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