LOOK FOR THE RAINBOWS: A Journey of Spirit and Heart

If you have ever experienced tragedy in your life, you understand the emotional turmoil it can throw you into, and the struggle it takes to come out on top once again.

The experience can either destroy you or eventually make you a stronger person who is able to empathize with others going through similar circumstances.

Beth Worthington, the main character in Look for the Rainbows, grew up in a Christian home surrounded by love. But she learned early the devastation that comes with the death of someone you love dearly. Beth grows up into a strong Christian young woman with dreams of a career, marriage, and children. Just when things look wonderful, as though things are coming together just as she imagined, tragedy strikes again leaving her wondering where God is. But her relationship with the Lord is such that she does not drown in sorrow, but rises above it to find her place in life. But it takes time, the support of good friends, and much prayer and seeking of the Lord before that happens.

Often in the most difficult circumstances life tosses at her, she sees a beautiful rainbow in the sky, and this becomes her symbol of hope throughout her life. But will she actually find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Will her dreams finally come to reality?

I would like to invite you to follow Beth’s story and walk with her through her times of healing and her victories. I hope you will check out Look for the Rainbows.
I would love to know if you read it and what you think about it.

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