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Prayer changes things.

Anytime is a time for prayer.

Now is the time for intense prayer.

Today is the time for prayer on a higher level.

This hour is the time to pray like a true warrior by the Holy Spirit.

This day is the time to pray the prayer that changes our circumstances.

Anytime is a time for personal prayer.

Anytime is a time for corporate prayer in the church.

But now is the time for national prayer in unity with the Body of Christ.

Now is the time to pray without ceasing.

We have seen so many changes over the past several months because of COVID-19, changes which make us wonder if we will ever again be able to live as we once lived. The lock-down has curtailed our movement in society, in employment, in family life and in church life as we have known it.

But we must never let this lock-down lock us down personally. We dare not allow it to lock down our spirits and our prayer life. In fact, we need to ramp up our prayers, not just in the number of prayers we pray, but in the way we pray them. Now is the time to examine our motives for prayer, the content of our prayers, the sincerity of our prayers and the intensity of our prayers. We need to strengthen ourselves in the Lord and increase our level of relationship with Him if we hope to come out of this time in victory. And we can be victorious if we do not let down our guard. If we do not give up. If we press in to know the Lord in a way that far exceeds what we have known in the past. We can no longer be satisfied with the mediocre. Let us not allow our spiritual life to be locked down, but let us be locked onto the Lord and determine never to let go of Him.

Prayer does change things when that prayer lines up with the word of God which is the will of God. We cannot just pray for ourselves and those we care about. We can no longer pray for the superficial. Serious and difficult times call for serious and strong prayer.

We are in a battle for life as we have known it for so long. We are in a battle, or should be, for our very freedoms of religion, of speech, of conscience. Our prayers must be focused on that which is most important: to be delivered from the consequences of this virus, not just physically, but emotionally and relationally, economically and spiritually.

Jesus said that the truth will set us free. We need truth to be told, and lies to be exposed. Prayer can do that. He also said that where two or three are gathered together, He is in the midst, and that if two agree, they will receive the answer to that prayer of agreement. But that agreement is not just a simple “I will agree with you” for the sake of getting something from the Lord. We must agree on a much deeper level. We must both want what we agree about to the same degree of fervency. And, as always, it must line up with the will of God. In other words, we must be in agreement with the Lord. 

Below is a recording of a few passages from my book It Is Written: My Prayer Journey into the Heart of God with a special message from me at the end.

In case you would like the scripture references from my reading, here they are. Mark 9:23; Exodus 3:11,13; Exodous 4:1, 10-13; Hebrews 4:16 and 1 John 5:114,15.

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I hope you have been encouraged by my message today. I would love to hear from you in the comment box below. I am encouraged when you let me know your response to my posts Please share this message with your friends and on your social media. And I do hope you will come back again.

I really appreciate you taking time to stop by and check out my blog posts. I pray that God’s blessings will be on you wherever you go. I pray that you are keeping well and safe during this strange time we are living through. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. mikyla

    Beautiful!! Thank you for this!!

    • Thank you so much Mikyla. I appreciate you reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed it. I have several more posts scheduled over the next couple of weeks in this series. God bless you.

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