We all go through valleys during a lifetime. Some are not so difficult, but others can be almost devastating. But there is always a mountain to climb once we have made our way through the valley.

Shadows in my Valley is about a very deep and dark valley I traveled through  several decades ago. I found myself plunged into this valley rather suddenly without understanding how I arrived there. I had been a Christian for at least a decade when this happened, but it seemed as though the Lord had abandoned me during much of this time. Of course, the reality was that He was there all the time, but in my darkness of soul, I could not perceive His presence.

One thing I did during this time was to keep a prayer journal. I felt I could not pray vocally, but I did write out my prayers. Also during this time the Lord gave me many poems which helped to express what I was experiencing.

I sought counsel, but could never truly explain what I was going through, so I did not receive any help specific to my problem. Perhaps you have experienced something similar in your life, or know someone who has been in the valley. If so, you may want to pick up a copy of my book to bring encouragement and peace to a troubled heart. If even one person can find help in this book, it will have been worth all of the turmoil I went through. I want you to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a mountain at the end of the valley. There is victory once the light disperses the darkness.

I hope you will check out Shadows in my Valley to find out how I went from despair to joy and the process it took me through to get there.

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